Puffco Hot Knife | 6 Pack

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Meet the Puffco Hot Knife – an efficient electronic heated loading tool for hassle-free dabbing. This tool charges in just 30 minutes, offers easy loading, preserves concentrate quality, and includes a safety storage cap. Simplify your dabbing experience with this straightforward device.

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Color: Black

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Introducing the Puffco Hot Knife

Enter the realm of effortless dabbing with the Puffco Hot Knife—a groundbreaking electronic heated loading tool designed to revolutionise your concentrate experience. Say goodbye to the challenges of loading concentrates, thanks to its innovative design and user-friendly features.

Efficiency Meets Convenience

The Puffco Hot Knife offers unparalleled convenience, charging fully in a mere 30 minutes, providing at least 50 uses per charge. With the included USB-C port and charging cable, recharging is a breeze. Cleaning the device is equally hassle-free—simply press the button to warm it up and use a Q-tip to wipe the surfaces clean.

Elevate your dabbing game with the Puffco Hot Knife, a dependable tool that streamlines the loading process while prioritising safety and preserving the purity of your concentrates. Experience newfound ease and savour clean, flavourful dabs with every use.


Key Features:
  • Easy, mess-free loading
  • Gentle handling preserves concentrate quality
  • Hot tip safety with included storage cap

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