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Hemp Tray with Sift Screen by Santa Cruz Shredders - 12pcs

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The Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Rolling Tray with Sift Screen is an innovative and environmentally conscious tool that allows you to collect refined smoking material. With its portable size, it's perfect for personal use and comes with a lid to keep your smoking material clean while on the go.

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Introducing the Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Rolling Tray with Sift Screen

The Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Rolling Tray with Sift Screen is an innovative tool that allows you to harvest concentrated mixes of your smoking material. The tray's patent-pending sift screen allows you to collect leftover and refined smoking material, which can come in handy when you run out of smoke. With dimensions of 19cm x 14.5cm, this tray is perfect for personal use and is designed to be portable, making it an ideal travel companion. The tray even comes with a lid that prevents any undesirable particles or materials from coming into contact with your smoking material while on the go.

Features and Benefits

This rolling tray includes a variety of features designed to make your smoking experience easier and more enjoyable. Load your paper with your dry herbal or smoking material and place it on top of the rolling tray screen. Any kief or resin that falls through the perforations can be easily swept through with the included Santa Cruz Shredder brush tool, ensuring that you don't lose any valuable smoking material. The tray's lip helps you funnel the rolling material into one corner, making cleaning and filling your smokes much easier. Additionally, the tray is made entirely of biodegradable hemp, ensuring that you are living an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

The Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Rolling Tray is now available in a box set of 12, making it a perfect option for heavy collectors or retailers looking for a wholesale option. Check out the entire Santa Cruz Shredder range, available at retail and wholesale today.

What's included

Tray, screen, scraper & lid

Patent-pending sifting screen

100% biodegradable tray

Perfect size for personal use (19cm x 14.5cm)

Features a pour spout for added convenience