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New Puffco Peak Pro V2 Vaporizer

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Introducing the all-new, Peak Pro V2, a revolutionary advancement in vaping technology. This premium, smart rig redefines your smoking experience with unparalleled flavour and performance. Its intuitive single-button interface, coupled with deep customisation through the Puffco Connect app, empowers you to unlock the full potential of your herbs. The V2 is an upgraded version of the original Peak Pro, featuring many improvements for a more seamless user experience.

Color: Onyx (Black)

Onyx (Black)
Pearl (White)
General Upgrades: Elevating the Peak Experience

The Peak Pro V2 redefines vape technology with a host of remarkable upgrades. Its redesigned glass bubbler, now at 96 grams from the previous 81 grams, features five laser-cut air holes at the base for enhanced airflow. Vortex-shaped grooves within the bubbler set a new standard for percolation, delivering a cooler, smoother hit. This theme of improved airflow extends across the device, presenting a modernized aesthetic. With a tactile activation button and a status-indicating light ring, the Peak Pro V2 offers an intuitive and engaging experience. Four pre-set temperature settings, each represented by a unique colour, allow for easy customisation. The revolutionary "Intensity mode" employs algorithmic magic to amplify each setting, resulting in denser, more potent clouds.

Bluetooth Advancements and Swift Charging

The New Peak Pro V2 introduces state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology for unparalleled convenience and customisation. Through the Puffco Connect app, users gain real-time temperature control, setting a new standard in precision. This feature, unique to the Peak Pro V2, provides an unprecedented level of control. The app also enables seamless firmware updates, ensuring access to the latest enhancements.
Charging the Peak Pro V2 is now faster and more efficient. With improved battery life and USB-C compatibility, users can expect a reliable power source that minimizes downtime. This translates to less waiting and more enjoyment of the Peak Pro V2's exceptional flavour and performance. Additionally, wireless charging adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing users to keep their device powered up effortlessly. Experience a new era of accessibility and performance with the Peak Pro V2's advanced Bluetooth technology and enhanced charging capabilities.

Whats in the box

Peak Pro V2
3D Chamber
Joystick Cap
Loading Tool
Dual Tool (5-pack)
USB-C Cable
Carrying Case

Additional Information

Onyx (Black), Pearl (White)